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JEV-155-Helpful And Helpless-Alexis Taylor,Kiana

80% (5 votes)

We open on lovely Alexis, all alone and dressed in sexy lingerie with stockings and heels. Delightfully, she is tying herself up! Slowly, carefully, she applies rope around her ankles and knees before pushing a fat, white ballgag into her mouth. She wobbles up onto her high heels and performs the seemingly impossible: binding her own elbows and wrists together behind her! (You're going to have to see this to believe it!) When next we find our busty beauty, she's in the process of being chastised by Jay. Apparently, she'd been trying all week to get him to rope her up but he just wasn't getting the hint so she did the job herself...and now he's going to show her how it's REALLY done! All afternoon he wraps her into his strenuous webs, bending her lush body this way and that, dangling her ankles, clamping her nipples, hoisting her crotchropes, and forcing fat gags into her mouth. You can't leave these things to an amateur, right? In part two of this tape, it's another lucky day for Jay because one of his thoughtful friends has deposited a big black boxful of busty babe on his doorstep! Kiana is tanned, taught and exotic, with a bountiful bustline and a lovely face. Her energy level is also impressive, as she never stops struggling in Jay's ultra-tight bondage. Kiana is bound three times against the banister, showing her toughness as Jay arches her backwards hard and hoists her nipple clamps and crotchropes. Tied on the bed, she is forced to lay on top of her elbow-bound arms while Jay applies pinching clothespins all over her big tits and inner thighs, then it's a strict hogtie with breast bondage that turns her massive mams a dusky hue. At the end of the day, buxom Kiana is packed back into her box for shipment to the next lucky fella!

Added: 1 year ago by: King444
Duration: 1:30:32
Viewed: 8 741